The Current GBM Landscape

While there are currently a few treatment options available (chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and surgery) for sufferers of GBM, they are all palliative measures, meant to make the patient comfortable during their last few months. Even with complete surgical removal of the tumor, the survival rate of GBM patients remains very low.

Education about this disease is essential, as most are unaware that:

GBM accounts for 52% of all brain tumor cases, affecting thousands of individuals in the U.S. alone each year.

The consequences of GBM are such that proper funding is needed in order to provide research centers with the tools necessary to find a cure for this disease. Many families have already suffered at the hands of GBM due to laboratories’ limited resources, and Save A Brain hopes to change that.

Our Foundation

The goals that this foundation will operate on are simple: to find the laboratories conducting the most innovative and promising research to combat GBM, and to provide them with the proper resources so that GBM patients may live long, cancer free lives.

We invite you to join us in our fight against GBM by exploring our website and telling others about the life changing work we here at the Save A Brain Foundation are doing.


Isaac Meier & Samuel Zidovetzki

Our Foundation


2012- Summer Scholar Yosef Chodakiewitz is our first Summer Scholar. He will be working in the laboratory of Dr. John Yu, Vice Chairman of Neurosurgery at Cedars Sinai. We look forward to hearing about all of Yosef’s exciting work at the end of the summer. Interested? Fill out our application
2010-Publication This publication studying a possible GBM vaccine acknowledges all the hard work that the Save A Brain community has made to this research.


If you or someone you know is suffering from GBM, or any other forms of brain cancer, we would like you to know that you are not alone. These resources have been developed specifically to provide you with additional information regarding brain cancer. In addition, links to several hospitals and facilities that specialize in treating patients with brain cancer have been provided.

If you would like to share a memory or a story of a loved one suffering from GBM, please contact us and we will put your words in a special ‘memories’ section of our website. We want to acknowledge the individuals that battle this disease, and let others who have had similar experiences know that they are not alone.

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